We live in an amazing neighborhood in Granada. It’s called Realejo and it was the Jewish quarter many years ago when the Jews, Christians, and Muslims all lived in peace under Moorish rule.


It’s a charming place, filled with crooked streets, beautiful plazas, lovely churches, and the best tapas restaurants in the city. It doesn’t get as much tourist traffic as other parts of Granada and has provided us with a real, authentic experience. Most of all, it’s calm and serene, or as my friend Cristian Lazaro would say….tranquilo. We love it.


Still, it’s a city–complete with history and culture and stunning architecture, but also scooters and fumes. Even though Granada is a beautiful city, it’s still an urban experience.

At the same time, it is also just a short walk into the mountains. Andalusia is surrounded by the glorious Sierra Nevada’s and they loom over this jeweled city day and night. Just a short walk from our flat and you can be immersed in nature, surrounded by olive trees that stretch out behind the Alhambra place and head toward nature. Here you will find hikers, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts that take advantage of Granada’s close proximity to nature.


It’s great to be able to walk from the city out into the woods and beyond, with the Andalusian sky stretched out for miles, the hill towns down below, and the spectacular Sierra Nevada Mountains keeping watch in the distance. In search of my inner Spaniard, I cue the iPod with Paco de Lucia’s beautiful flamenco guitar on a perfect fall day. Minutes later, the horizon nearly swallows me whole. Amidst these stunning landscapes just minutes from the city center, it’s easy to see how you can fall in love with Granada so many different ways.




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  1. What can I say?! Nice! Lovely! Beautiful!!


  2. Nice pics !!!! Looks like you are enjoying yourself


  3. Awesome pictures of your stunning surroundings and of you soaking it all up! Can’t wait to come visit!



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