img_8827One of the biggest changes for Jackson and Cassius living here in Granada is that they have the opportunity to be much more independent than they were in Los Angeles. Granada is a much smaller, safer city and this has provided the boys with freedoms they didn’t have in the US.

Here in Granada, the boys walk to and from school. They can walk to pick up eggs for breakfast or to local sundries stores. They can even take the bus to their soccer practices. And while these may hardly seem like Herculean feats, they do signify quite a departure from their experience living in LA.


So too has this been a departure for Karen and myself. Gone are the drop-offs and pick-ups from school. This has required a bit of faith and the ability to trust our unfamiliar environment even though we know it’s safe.


What is, perhaps, more remarkable is to watch the kids in Granada on the streets who have grown up here. Kids from ages 10 and up freely roam the city without parents, in the day, in the night, alone, and in groups. They are out and about all the time–sitting by the river, chasing Pokemon, or piling into Burger King. It’s impressive. Our boys haven’t quite integrated into these packs yet, and it will be interesting to see how they navigate the social landscape as they make more friends. But for now, just being able to go get a pizza or some chips or an Aquarius (similar to Gatorade here) and head out to kick a soccer ball together has been a good first step.  This newfound independence in a foreign country with a foreign language has helped Jackson and Cassius become even closer this year, and that has been a wonderful added benefit of this year abroad.







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  1. I would have a hard time coming back! Enjoy


  2. What an awesome experience!!! And yes, coming back will be quite an adjustment for all. God bless your beautiful family and Happy Holidays!!


  3. Kinda what small-town life in America was like for kids once upon a time. So glad that Cash and Jackson are getting the opportunity to savor this!


  4. David,
    Lou Pumphrey here! Wow! Time sure flies and you’re an amazing dad. The fact that you have the ability to expose your kids to what appears to be a drastic change on paper to what life is truly meant to be, absence of worry. 🙂 Coming from a family guy, this is such a heartwarming piece! Happy New year David. All the best to you and family.
    P.S. I love the name Cassius…


    • Thanks Lou! Appreciate the kind words. We are doing our best, and we feel fortunate for our kids to have this experience. It has been quite different from the life we have known up to this point. Happy New Year to you and your family as well! PS–Glad you like the name Cassius. There aren’t many of them out there these days! 🙂


  5. Very exciting for Jackson and Cassius! I am sure that they will grow so much through these independent excursions and explorations! Awesome.

    Auntie K


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