This is less of a blog a more of a thank you to Jackson and Cassius. Although moving to Spain was a big transition for our entire family, it really takes special kids to be willing to leap into an adventure like the one we have embarked upon. And going to school for an entire year, in another country, in a language you don’t speak…is an unbelievable challenge. To do so at ages 15 and 12 is even more difficult. And to do it with the humility and grace and resilience that Jackson and Cassius demonstrated this past year, well…it has just made us proud to be their parents. What they have accomplished is not a small thing. 

I have attached a picture below of their first day of school in Granada and their last. Although these pictures clearly illustrate just how much they have grown (physically) over the course of the year, they likely do very little to unveil the emotional growth that the boys have undergone. Honestly, it makes the physical changes pale in comparison, and Karen and I have really been awed by what the have done. 

And so we head into year 2 with a couple young men, who have seen more of the world and come to know more about themselves. They are standing taller by the day, casting long shadows we feel honored to stand in. 

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  1. Hats off to Jackson and Cassius! They sure are growing in so many wonderful ways!

    Auntie K


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